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Attorney Paul Moore

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Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Seppi Esfandi has been defending clients for over 21 years. He is ranked among the top criminal defense attorneys in the state of California. Learn More

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Esfandi graduated from the UCLA School of Law. With his storied background in criminal law he has helped thousands of clients in a wide spectrum of criminal cases. Esfandi has worked for over seven years as a Deputy Public Defender for various California criminal law agencies. He has a wide range of experience litigating varying criminal cases, including but not limited to: drug charges, DUI, vehicular manslaughter, domestic violence, sexual offenses, juvenile cases, theft and larceny, fraud, weapons and gun charges, probation violations, and white collar crimes. Seppi also has experience in slightly less common offenses, such as internet crimes, obstruction of justice, cruelty to children, child abandonment, child abuse, resisting arrest, hit and run, kidnapping, warrant-related cases, threatening phone calls, terrorist threats, and illegal search and seizure.

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Defense Attorney

Attorney Yuliya Kelmansky

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Hollywood, West Hollywood Criminal Defense Attorney

Yuliya Kelmansky was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia where she earned a law degree from Customs Academy. As a practicing attorney, Ms. Kelmansky began her career at the Customs and Border Protection where she was given the honorable designation of “Customs Captain” for her excellent case management, research, and writing skills.

Subsequently, she broadened her practice and gained experience in Criminal Justice and litigation achieving a well-rounded understanding of both criminal and civil law. She held positions where she handled extensive criminal defense and litigation proceedings for a multitude of clients. Additionally, Ms. Kelmansky supervised other attorneys, ultimately developing creative management solutions in addition to her legal experience.

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When Ms. Kelmansky came to the United States, it was her objective to continue her passion and continue practicing law. She studied, administered, and passed the California Bar Examination. Since then, Ms. Kelmansky has devoted herself to the world of criminal defense and criminal justice system reform. She defends the wrongfully accused against a myriad of charges including domestic violence, DUIs, sexual offenses, weapons and gun charges, resisting arrest, criminal threats, and a variety of other related matters in the world of criminal justice.

Ms. Kelmansky has proven to be a valuable and passionate advocate for her clients rights and their freedom.

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Client Relations

Jorge Guerrero – Director of Client Relations

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Since 2010, Jorge Guerrero has worked alongside many experienced criminal defense attorneys on countless cases in Los Angeles. Mr. Guerrero is empathetic, insightful, and great at making clients feel at ease during times of difficulty and uncertainty.

Marilynn – Legal Assistant

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At our office, Marilynn is responsible for drafting legal notices, organizing trial preparation, summarizing transcripts, police reports, and expert reports, researching relevant legal issues, and maintaining client relations. If you need to contact Marilynn directly, she can be reached at 310-274-6529 during weekday office hours.

What Our Clients Say

  • five-star reviewVery sharp and very detailed! Thanks Paul you're one of the best in the business and you set an excellent example of a good quality attorney that cares!- Erick Glover

  • five-star reviewChris demonstrated both a compassionate ear as well as a logical, realistic approach to the issues that arose. He consistently responded quickly to both email and phone correspondence.- Bonnie Tova

  • five-star reviewChris has handled my contentious divorce case for the last year. He has listened to me and guided me along the way through the court system. I highly highly recommend him.- P.K.

  • five-star reviewChris Moore was always extremely diligent and 'on point' with me every step of the way. He was honest, respectful, straightforward, and very competent. He exceeded my expectations.- D.A.

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