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Spousal Support and Alimony

Do You Need Spousal Support or Alimony Representation?

Our office has a wide range of experience handling spousal support matters. Divorce can be a stressful time, especially if one spouse relied on the other spouse to meet monthly expenses. California laws can protect spouses maintain the status quo and maintain the marital standard of living during the marriage to the extent possible.

Our attorneys at Moore Family Law can help you understand the differences between temporary spousal support and permanent spousal support. We can help understand what amount and duration of spousal support you may be entitled to. We can also help you formally request spousal support with the Court or reach a fair but amicable spousal support settlement outside of Court.

Remember, divorce is undoubtedly a challenging time, but with the right legal representation, you can navigate the process with confidence and peace of mind.

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  • five-star reviewVery sharp and very detailed! Thanks Paul you're one of the best in the business and you set an excellent example of a good quality attorney that cares!- Erick Glover

  • five-star reviewChris demonstrated both a compassionate ear as well as a logical, realistic approach to the issues that arose. He consistently responded quickly to both email and phone correspondence.- Bonnie Tova

  • five-star reviewChris has handled my contentious divorce case for the last year. He has listened to me and guided me along the way through the court system. I highly highly recommend him.- P.K.

  • five-star reviewChris Moore was always extremely diligent and 'on point' with me every step of the way. He was honest, respectful, straightforward, and very competent. He exceeded my expectations.- D.A.

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